Previously Known as The Soul Garage

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Traditional Crooked Path Candle Magick - Intention Manifestation Candles made to order...

Large 7 Day

Long Burning Candles in Glass

Rolled Flower & Herb Candles

These candles are intention spell candles, which can be infused with a specific intention made to order or just an overall intention which will be pre made. They are dressed, oiled, smoked & magically infused by hand. Depending upon the cycle of the moon and the day of the week corresponding to your request, it will generally take at least a week to create. 

Currently ONLY shipping Rolled Candles but will receive drop off & pick up orders for the large spell candles within the immediate tri-state NY/ NJ area.


  • Single Basic Intention Candle - $35

  • Single Custom Intention Spell Candle - $45

Please email directly with specific request/ intention as well as astrological sign.

  • Rolled Flower & Herb Candles - $15 (3)